How to Be Rich By Using Other People's Brains, Time & Energy

____A New Book By Steve (Olorun-Ni) Courage

In the year 2013, Steve (Olorun-Ni) Courage discovered there are certain secrets school is not teaching people about how to be rich and he decided to “talk” about it.

That led him into writing “The 13 Secrets School Did Not Teach You about How to Be Rich”.

The 13 Secrets has since become the most popular business book ever written in the continent of Africa.

While an average book get read by about 5,000 people, the 13 Secrets has been downloaded by more than 250,000 Africans and till this day, we still receive emails from hundreds of people who are just reading the 13 Secrets and their testimonials are breathtaking.

So many people have started their own businesses, some are planning to start as I write this, many have decided to teach their children something different from what school is teaching, all because they read the 13 Secrets.

5 years after the 13 Secrets was written, Steve O. Courage has written another book; How to Be Rich By Using Other People’s Brains, Time & Energy 




In his controversial method, Steve is revealing another set of secrets that will liberate hundreds of thousands of Africans from poverty.

What’s This New Book All About?

In the Chapter 10 of the 13 Secrets, Steve explained that you can never become rich by using your two hands and one brain, no matter how hard you work.

Until 13 secrets was released, thousands of Africans believed that if they could get a "good job" and work hard, every other thing will take care of itself.

This changed for many people after they read the 13 Secrets.

But, there's a big question left unanswered in the 13 Secrets.

That question is;

How Do I Use Other People's Hands to Create Wealth?

"Steve, I agree with you that I can never be rich simply by working hard with my single brain. But how can I get other brains I can "use" to become wealthy?"

It was not easy for that question to be answered in the 13 Secrets because it's beyond the scope of the 13 Secrets book (except we want to get the book too long).

Five years after the 13 Secrets was released, the unanswered question;

"How to Be Rich By Using Other People's Brains, Time & Energy" is finally answered.

The Hidden Truth

There are two groups of people in the world of money and everyone in the world belongs to one or the other group.

The first group is a group of people who sell their brains, time & energy to make money.

These people earn income by working with their single brain, two hands and get paid the hourly rates or on monthly wages.

This group of people work so hard because the society has deceived them that if they can "work hard", they'll be rich.

So many people in this group think they are poor because they don't have "good job"  and keep on looking for the so call "good job".

This group of people are on the left side of the money game because it doesn't matter how "good" your job is or how hard you work, as long as you work with a single brain and two hands, you can never become rich.

There is a second group in the world of money.

This is the group that knows how to use other people’s brains, time and energy to manufacture money.

This second group are smart, rich and keep a lot of secrets within themselves.

This new book is about the secrets which the rich know & desperately keep secret.

Let Me Tell You What Happened

About 160 years ago, the rich and powerful men of the 19 Century gathered to create an "educational" system.

Because it was the beginning of the industrial revolution, the rich needed hundreds of thousands of labourers to run their factories.

To this end, the world's "educational" system was programmed.

What the rich do is to use the hands, brains and energy of the poor to become richer, then give the poor "good salary".

I cannot blame the rich because it's a mutual agreement.

The poor willingly sell their time, brains and energy for the rich so what the rich does is neither immoral or sinful.

Do You Now Hate The Rich?

No. This book is not to make you hate the rich, it's to help you join the rich.

I can't write against the rich because I'm rich.

The only thing I can do is to inspire more Africans to become rich because the more rich people we have in our continent, the better it is for all of us.

Which Group Do You Belong?

More than 90% of the world's population belong to the first group, the group of people who sell their time for wages and salaries.

It doesn’t matter how hard these people work, as long as they work with their two hands, they can only dream of wealth.

What group do you belong? Are you selling your brains, time & energy to earn income or buying other people’s brains, time & energy?

As you wake up today, how many brains and hands do you have that are working for you?

If you’re in the second group, the group that have mastered how to buy other people’s brains to make themselves rich, congratulations!

This book wasn’t actually written for you.

Steve wrote this new book for people who are still selling their time to earn income. He believes these people cannot be rich, until they learn how to use other people’s brains, time & energy.

That’s the reason why he wrote this new book.

If you’ve read some of Steve’s books, listen to him speaking, go through any of his business training or join the Africa Business University, you sure know that Steve knows what he’s saying.

Just as the 13 Secrets opened the eyes of so many Africans to the secrets which school didn’t teach them, this new book will open your mind to the secret game going on in the financial world.

It’s a game between people who sell and people who buy brains, time and energy.

Most people were taught how to sell their brains, time & energy for hourly and monthly wages while other people learn how to buy people’s brains, time & energy.

This new book is about how to move from the left side, to the right side.

  But there’s a problem!

While 13 Secrets is for everyone to read, How to Be Rich By Using Other People’s Brains, Time & Energy is NOT for everyone to read.

The reason is because, the 13 Secrets caused a lot of controversies among people who worship school.

After reading the 13 Secrets, the school worshippers wonder why anyone will ever speak against their god, school, just because they don’t understand how much they have been deceived by their god (the present school system).

Now as we’re releasing How to Be Rich By Using Other People’s Brains, Time & Energy, we don't want to "hurt" much people so, you can only read the new book if you meet the following criteria;

First, you can only read this new book IF you’ve read the 13 Secrets.

Don’t even think of reading How to Be Rich By Using Other People’s Brains, Time & Energy, if you’ve not read the 13 Secrets or else you’ll hate Steve for it.

The reason is because How to Be Rich By Using Other People’s Brains, Time & Energy is to build on the 13 Secrets, just as class two builds on class one.

Just as you cannot go to class two without class one, If you’ve not read the 13 Secrets and you read How to Be Rich By Using Other People’s Brains, Time & Energy, you’re likely to hate Steve for his unconventional thinking, so, avoid the hate, don’t bother to read this new book.

However, if you’ve read the 13 Secrets, you already know how Steve thinks and when you start coming across controversial and unconventional statements inside this new book, you won’t be surprised.

The second reason why you should not read How to Be Rich By Using Other People’s Brains, Time & Energy is, if after reading the 13 Secrets you hate the book or the author.

Don’t waste your time and the emotion of anger.

If you hate the 13 Secrets, you’ll hate How to Be Rich By Using Other People’s Brains, Time & Energy even more.

This is because, the concept inside this book is against what everyone else is saying.

However, if you love the 13 Secrets and it opened your eyes to the reality about life, you’ll forever be grateful for reading this new book.

The third reason why you shouldn’t read How to Be Rich By Using Other People’s Brains, Time & Energy is, if you’re still thinking like everyone out there.

Just like the 13 Secrets, How to Be Rich By Using Other People’s Brains, Time & Energy is not a “normal” book that tells you normal things.

So, if you’re like most people who are expecting their jobs to make them rich or the government to help them out, kindly save your time for something better because this book is going to be a waste of time for you.

How to Be Rich By Using Other People’s Brains, Time & Energy was written for people who are ready to be unconventional.

This is what I mean;

Conventional wisdom teaches that you should do well in school, get good grades and then sell your brains, time and energy for banks, oil companies or any other “big” company out there.

That’s what school teaches.

That’s what our society teaches.

That’s what everyone believes.

That’s the convention.

But (for Steve O. Courage) that’s stupid. That’s a bulshit. That’s the left side. That’s the surest way to poverty.

There’s a way to wealth but which is hidden from the general public, that way is the right side of the game.

This new book was written to increase the numbers of the Africans on the right side, so that we can make Africa a better place.

Some questions you may want to ask;

Can Everyone Be on The Right Side?

Few days ago, a man asked me, “But, Can everyone be rich?”

You too may want to ask; “Can everyone build successful business by using other people’s brains, time & energy?”

The answer is definitely NO, I’m sorry.

Not everyone can be rich.

Not everyone can be successful.

Not everyone can be entrepreneur.

Not everyone can be on the right side.

And that’s the reason why this book is NOT for everyone.

I’m sorry, I don’t write books for people who want to be employees. I don’t write books for people who want to sell their brains, time and energy.

If you read this book and say, “But, not everyone can be entrepreneur” because you notice that I write as though everyone can be entrepreneur, then, it’s your fault.

I’m not an employee. I don’t know how to be an employee. I can’t teach you how to get good jobs because I never got one in my life.

I’m an entrepreneur. I’ve spent almost all my adult life as an entrepreneur.

I don’t know how to be an employee and I can’t teach you how to do what I don't know.

So, if you love to get a better job or to spend 35 years of your life in a job, I can’t possibly be your teacher, I’m sorry.

I wrote this book AS IF everyone can be entrepreneur because I'm writing for people who want to be entrepreneur ALONE.

But is it that easy?

Someone may think I’m “talking” as if it’s easy to be an entrepreneur.

“But is it easy to be a successful entrepreneur?”

No. No. No.

If it was easy, everyone in the world would have done it.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur isn’t easy and I don’t have to tell you lies because I want you to read my book.

Getting rich is NOT easy anywhere in the world and only very few people can ever become rich.

But, Will Everyone Who Reads This Book Become Rich?


Not everyone who reads this book will become rich because not everyone can follow up the principles therein.

Let the truth be told, not so many people can become rich because it takes a lot of discipline, focus and commitment which most people are not willing to do.

This new book will NOT teach you how to be rich from your sleep or by a magical power.

This book does NOT promise to make everyone who reads it rich.

This book does NOT guarantee you'll become a successful entrepreneur.

If anything, this book is to be a Jet, designed to replace a bicycle in your life.

Most people travel in the life's journey with bicycles.

Using one brain and two hands to make money is like traveling with a bicycle.

Your pace will be slow and there are limitations to where you can ever travel to.

This book is to teach you how to travel with a Jet.

Yes, Jet is 1,000 times faster than bicycle but it still takes so much learning, practice and discipline to pilot a Jet.

This is what I mean

Though you can make more money in one single month than your age mates make all their entire carreer after your business becomes successful, there are prices to be paid and this book will NOT take those prices away.

If anything, this book is only going to teach you how to pay the price faster.

I’ve made several mistakes, lost money and failed several times in the business world, but today, I enjoy the fruits of my labour.

From starting my first major business at 15, to "wasting" more than 7 years making mistakes in the business world.

To tell you it's easy is to dupe you.

I don't tell people that business is easy. I tell them that it's possible.

The reason why I write books is to share my experience and business wisdom with my fellow Africans, not to make them millionaires overnight, but so that they may not make many of the mistakes I've made.

My message for my fellow Africans is; though starting and running a business isn't easy, if you can learn, practice and endure the tough times, you can become successful entrepreneur.

Not only will your business success give you good money, your success will allow you to travel to places and meet wonderful people.

Though I didn’t finish school (I ran away after National Diploma) or have any certificate, I’ve met, worked and seat with many wonderful people.

Around November, 2017, my company worked with the Lagos State government and here is my photograph with the wife of the Lagos State Governor, Mrs. Bolanle Ambode;

 The above photograph shows myself and the wife of the Lagos State Governor.

I would probably never have the opportunity of meeting the wife of the Lagos state governor, if I wasn't an entrepreneur.

On February 28th/March 1st I was in the Aso Villa, in a meeting with the Nigerian Vice president, Prof. Yemi Oshibajo.

This is the event's photograph;



The above photograph shows myself and the Nigerian vice president, prof. Yemi Oshibajo.

I don't know if I would ever have the opportunity to see the gate of the Aso Villa, not to talk of sitting down with the Nigerian Vice President, if I was not an entrepreneur.

While this is sweet to say, it will be a fraud for me to promise you that, if you can read my book, you'll become as successful as I am, tomorrow.

Except with spiritual power, no one can disappear in Lagos and appear in Ghana.

Everyone has to travel.

This book will NOT teach you how to disappear. Instead, it will teach you how to fly.

This book was written to show you how to stop travelling through life with bicycles.

This book is to show you how to travel with a Jet.

This book is to show you how to stop working with your single brain and two hands because working for money with your one brain and two hands is like traveling with a bicycle.

This book is to show you how you can use other people's brains, time and energy to create wealth. That's travelling with a Jet.

 What Will You Learn From This New Book?

These are some of the things you'll learn from How to Be Rich By Using Other People's Brains, Time & Energy

  • How to join the top 5% of people who become wealthy & successful by using other people's brain (legitimately). (Page 3)
  • How to STOP selling your hands for penny and learn how to use other people's hands to create wealth instead. (Page 4)
  • The only (and only) way you can ever be wealthy (if you don't know this, you'll struggle for money for the rest of your life). (Page 4)
  • The most important thing Aliko Dangote thinks about when it comes to his business & how that can change your  financial life if you know it. (Page 10)
  • You will discover why employers are not doing any employees a favour & what you can do to rescue yourself from the rat race of job. (Page 9)
  • How to employ and make other people work with or for you while you make more money than you can spend in your...entire life. (Page 7)
  • You will blankly know why good jobs is a lie & how you can create your own company. (Page 12)
  • You will become expert on figuring out the most profitable problems to turn into huge business...even if you're not a traditional school graduate (page 17)
  • You will discover how not to sit on the fence (like everybody) for the rest of your life, instead, how to face life and win the battle of life. (page 19)
  • How you can have a business system that works hard for you, even while you sleep (every rich person knows how to do this and you must know too, if you want to be rich) (page 22)
  • Why you shouldn't waste your time on "skills acquisition" and what to do instead.(page 28)
  • You will discover why absolutely nothing in the world is scarce...not even money (and how you can get all the money you'll ever need in your life). (Page 37)
  • You will know how to discover opportunities so fast... and same allows you to build empire around it in Africa- this alone will worth millions to you. (page 40)
  • You will discover the hidden thing you should look for, if you want to be rich.(page 46)
  • You will discover how problem is money and how to look for problems that will make you rich. (Page 47)
  • You will decide to be extremely responsible for your life after knowing how to make a lot of money solving problems people complain about. (Page 48)
  • You will discover the most important thing in the business world and how that can help you to use other people's brains to create wealth. (Page 52)
  • You will be dazzled to know how people make people rich and how you can position yourself where other people will make you rich. (page 53)
  • How to use partnership, collaboration and skillful negotiation to start, grow and double your business and income. (Page 56)
  • What most people are doing that's making them poor (and how you can avoid it or you'll be poor too). (Page 59)
  • What most people are focusing on that's making them poor (and how you can focus on what will make you rich). (Page 75)
  • What every rich person knows but which the poor don't know about creating wealth (if you don't know this, you can die poor). (Page 85)
  • How to be rich by using your friends brains (legitimately) (Page 99)
  • How to make millions by duplicating yourself into hundreds and thousands of workforce. (Page 102).
  • How consuming other people's products is making you poor and how you can be rich by creating your own products. (Page 106)
  • How to create wealth by using the "brains" of the technologies (page 108)
  • You will discover 5 things to do to take the advantages of the technology in creating wealth. (page 110)
  • You will learn how to set exciting goals that will help you to become rich. (page 145)
  • You will discover why your success in business doesn't depends on what you do but how you do what you do & how you must do what you should do to create wealth. (page 158)

How to Be Rich By Using Other People's Brains, Time & Energy is a 173 pages life-changing business book which was written like a course.

How to Be Rich By Using Other People's Brains, Time & Energy has two versions, the audio and the reading book (PDF) version.

Both the audio and PDF versions are the same, except that you can listen to the audio and read the PDF.

How to Be Rich By Using Other People's Brains, Time & Energy has six sections and each section has five chapters (making 30 chapters together).

The PDF has a single file of 173 pages while the audio book version has five downloadable files of 4 hours 39 minutes long.

How Much is How to Be Rich By Using Other People's Brains, Time & Energy?

If you're to go to a traditional school today, hardly can you spend less than a million Naira to get a degree from any of the today's university.

This is a university's degree that will teach you how to sell your brain, time & energy.

Unfortunately, most people joyfully pay to learn how to sell their brains, time & energy.

Just imagine if I tell you that this new book is #50,000?

So many people will think, "But that's very expensive", but these same people will joyfully pay #500,000 for the university's course that cannot even teach them what one page of what this book will teach them.

How to Be Rich By Using Other People's Brains, Time & Energy comes in two formats, the Reading Format and the Audio Book Format.

Though this book is more valuable than a university's degree, you don't have to pay a million Naira for it.

You won't even have to pay #100,000 or #50,000 as you paid for your university's school fees.

The Audio Book of How to Be Rich By Using Other People's Brains, Time & Energy is just #10,000

While the Reading Format (PDF) is just #2,997

Special Bonus.


Because some youmight have missed our just concluded business seminar, we're giving you the three videos of the seminar for free.

Not just that, you can get Steve's new book, How to Be Rich By Using Other People's Brains, Time & Energy the PDF reading format and audio, together with the 3 videos of the seminar for just #4,997 for now.

That means you're not going to pay #12,997 for both audio and PDF of How to Be Rich By Using Other People's Brains, Time & Energy. 

Instead, you'll pay just a token #4,997 and get both audio and PDF of How to Be Rich By Using Other People's Brains, Time & Energy and the 3 videos of the just concluded seminar 

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Steve  Courage.

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