Do You Know The Secrets Successful Entrepreneurs Use to;

Discover Lucrative Business Opportunities in Nigeria/Africa, Get All The Capital They Need & Build Successful Companies?

 Give me a few days & I will show you how I build my company & how you can do the same in 2018 

The Good New is; The A.B.U school fee is FREE for you today, Monday, September 24th 2018, if you're fast and join our scholarship scheme.

Steve O. Courage

Fellow African,

You know this truth,

 The fastest way you can make all of the money you ever needhave all of the freedom you want and live (exactly) the way you want

Is to start your own business from the scratch and make it successful.

I’m convinced that you can start your own business from the scratch,

build a successful business and make ₦3 million (ten thousand dollars) or more per month. 

I believe you can do this, whether you're in Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, Ghana or any other country in Africa

and I believe you can start the process tomorrow, even if you have no money as you read this

I believe you have everything it takes to build your own successful business (just the way I did it).

However, because school did not teach you how to discover business opportunities,

how to get capital and how to build a successful business, you don't know how to do it.

School deceived you to think it's better (or easier) to be an employee than to be an entrepreneur, but that's a lie.

Maybe you've even tried to start a business (after you can't get a job) but you don't know how to grow that business to success.

This is because you were never trained how to be an entrepreneur (school taught you to be employee)

These are things you stand to gain as a successful entrepreneur;

  • You’ll have all the money you ever need to take good care of your wife, children, mother and father because you'll have a business that brings in good money (even when you sleep).
  • You’ll buy the cars of your dream and build a house that meets  your taste (without having to borrow money as most employees do).
  • Imagine you have the money to travel around the world as you wish!
  • Close your eyes and imagine you have the freedom to work when, how and with whomever you want.
  • Can you imagine how much fulfillment you'll have if you don't have to get involve with those dirty office politics?
  • What if you can double your income every year, instead of waiting 3-4 years before the useless "promotion" that adds penny to your salary?
  • What if you can learn how to quickly grow your small business so that you'll have the freedom a successful business brings?
  • If you wake up on Monday morning and feel like taking your wife out, no one questions you.
  • If you decide to spend the entire week/month away from work, you don’t need to take permission from anyone.
  • You can do only things you love doing in your business (and employ people to do what you hate doing).

Plus, you make a lot of money

I think 2018 should be the end of working too hard and living hands to mouth for you, what do you think?

Traditional universities taught you how to work for companies; African Business University (A.B.U) will train you how to build a company.

The joy of it is that, you can join the A.B.U from anywhere in the world because our courses are 100% online.

You can even get the admission to the A.B.U without paying the school fee (FREE school fee on our scholarship scheme) because the A.B.U is NGO/Social enterprise.

Our goal is NOT to make money with the A.B.U, but to change the continent of Africa.

We can afford not to make money from the A.B.U because we make money from other ventures.

But you have to be fast because we plan to admit just 450 students to the scholarship scheme this month.

Join the Right A.B.U Group for You

Because we want you to get the best out of the African Business University, we have designed the A.B.U to fit your exact need, so there are three different groups in the A.B.U.

First Group; The A.B.U for employees

Second Group; The A.B.U for small business owners

Third Group; The A.B.U for women

If you're an employee, we believe there are certain things we need to specifically teach/show you to help you build your own company (that's why we have The A.B.U for Employees who want to build their own companies).

If you're a small business owner, we believe there are specific things you need to know (so that you can grow your business quickly and build a successful company (that's why we have The A.B.U for Small Business Owners).

If you're a woman, we believe you need a special treatment and attention and we want to give you that (that's why we have The A.B.U for Women who want to build their own successful businesses).

Please Pay Attention Here!

If you're an employee and you want to build your own successful company, Click Here to join The A.B.U for Employees.

If you're a small business owner and you want to turn your small business to a successful company, Click Here to join The A.B.U for Small Business Owners

If you're a woman, we have some special courses for you. Kindly Click Here to join The A.B.U for Women.

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