Because You're A.B.U Student, You Can Attend Our Upcoming Business Seminar With a Free Slot

If you're receiving our messages from the Facebook, you must have heard about our upcoming business seminar.

It's titled;

How to Be Rich in Business By Killing Competitions;

Special Notice;

If you've not read about our upcoming seminar before, kindly read everything in this page so that you'll understand what the seminar is all about, where it will take place and when it will take place.

If you've read about the seminar before, you can scroll down toward the end of this page to see how you can get a special bonus for the A.B.U students.

Dear fellow entrepreneur,

If you're reading this, you're definitely a student of the Africa Business University.

If you're a student of the A.B.U, you definitely have a business or you wish to start one and make it successful.

If you have a business or wish/plan to start one, then, you probably know the BIGGEST problem every entrepreneur encounters.

What's The Biggest Problem Every Business Encounters?

No. It's not capital.

Sorry, it's not even business idea.

You can have the brightest business idea in the world and have ten million dollars to invest, yet, you can still fail because the biggest problem every entrepreneur has isn't business idea or capital (though those are very important).

The biggest problem every entrepreneur has is competition.

Yes, competition.

If you've never started any business before, you can easily think, "All I need is capital" or "If I get a great business idea, I'll make millions"

But if you've run a business before, you'll understand that, getting capital is good and having a great business idea is nice, but winning the war of the market is the real deal.

Think About This;

Nokia has billions of dollars but Nokia is DEAD.

What do you think killed Nokia?

Econnet and MTN started telecom business at the same time (2002/3) in Nigeria but Econnet has died and resurrected more than 3 times since then only to be behind today.

What do you think caused that?

Henry Ford was the man who revolutionized automobile industry.

But today, Ford automobile company is NOT among the five most successful automobile companies in the world.

What do you think caused that?

Maybe you don't know, one of the biggest E-commerce businesses in Nigeria, Konga has been sold off by its owner (early this year).


Why would big businesses with billions of dollars fail?




The single biggest problem of every business is competition.

If you win competition in your business, you'll become exceedingly rich.

If you lose competition, your business fails, (no matter what else you get right)

That's the reason why, if you own a business or you're planning to start a business, you MUST learn how to kill competition.

There's no two ways about it.

Kill competitions or competitions will kill your business.

I think this subject is very important and that's the reason why the 2018 edition of the African Business Builders Seminar will teach you how to do that.

But, Can you actually kill competition?

I was speaking with one of my business students on phone about 3 days ago.

This man has been my business student for some time and he actually wanted to know how to move his business to the next level.

I knew he cannot do that until he learns how to KILL competition so I told him the story of my company.

You see, as at the time I'm writing these words, I'm planning to start my fourth company in Nigeria and none of our companies has any competition.

I know this is hard to believe but I'll explain.

You see, one of our portfolio is an Agric Technology company call AgricExperts.

This company has operation presence in more than 21 states of Nigeria and we do business with people from every continent in the world.

But guess what?

We have no single competition.

I know you're yet to understand what I mean (because you think every business has competition)

But you'll be wrong.

Great businesses have no competition.

Do you think Google has competition?

You think Apple has competition?

You think Dangote has competition?

You think MTN has competition?

Yes, it appears every business has competition, but it's NOT so.

Though you may think these giant companies are competing, they are lions, fighting with rats.

Take for instance, 64% of people who search the web use Google (while there are hundreds of search engines in the world).

Imagine there are 100 people to share #100 but a single individual takes #64 and leaves #36 for the remaining 99 people to share, would you think such a man is "competing" with others?


He's the KING.

Another example;

There are more than one thousand social media networks in the world but Facebook alone has more than 2 BILLION users (almost 2/3 of the entire internet users use Facebook).

Do you think Facebook is competing with other social network sites?

It seems so, but it's NOT so.

Facebook is THE KING and the lion.

It's easy for a lion to fight with a rat because their fight will look like this;

When I said my companies have no competition, what I mean was that, we've figured out how to become lion while our "competitors" are rats.

We don't care so much about them because rats cannot do much harm to a lion.

But how can you do the same thing?

You see, there are strategies smart entrepreneurs use to make themselves kings in their games.

More than one decade ago when I started out in the business world, I thought business is about FIGHTING with competitions

But after over 7 years of failures, I discovered that business is NOT about fighting. Instead, business is about becoming a lion.

Business is about using strategies that make you become a lion.

Cat and rat can fight but lion and rat can't.

Business is NOT about fighting with competitions.

Business is about KILLING the competition.

This subject is so important that I decided that I'm going to teach you these strategies in this year's edition of the African Business Builder Seminar.

What's the African Business Builder Seminar?

If you're hearing about the African Business Builders Seminar (A.B.B Seminar) for the first time, the A.B.B Seminar is a business seminar schelduled by the A.B.U to hold every year.

In simple term, African Business Builders Seminar is a strategic meeting of those who want to build great companies in Africa.

A.B.B Seminar is a "closed" meeting for Africans who want to change Africa by building companies in Africa.

If you're not in this meeting, you're not in the future because the African Business Builders' Seminar is a meeting where the future of Africa is planned.

What Would You Gain at The African Business Builders' Seminar?

Just three things.

First, network.

You've heard about the saying, "Your networks determines your networth?"

As an entrepreneur, one of the most important assets you can have is your network.

You must meet and connect with people who are doing great things with their lives if you want to do great things with your life.

There's probably no better place to do that than through a seminar organized by the Africa Business University.

A section of this year's A.B.B Seminar is dedicated to networking.

This section gives you the opportunity to meet with other smart entrepreneurs, ask them questions about their business journey, mistakes and failures.

If I were you, I'll ask anybody I meet that day to tell me the biggest business lesson they have ever learned and the best business book they have ever read.

This information alone can cahnge your life.

The number one reason why you must come to this year's A.B.B Seminar is for you to have the opportunity to network with with other smart entrepreneurs.

This is very important to your busines journey.

As A.B.U student, would you like to meet with other smart people who are in the A.B.U and interact with them?

Would you like to know what other A.B.U students have learned, what they have done with what they have learned, what they are doing and planning to do, the mistakes they have made, and the strategies they've used to build businesses?

Where else can you experience such a powerful network?

Make sure you're at this year's edition of the African Business Builders' Seminar!

The second thing you'll have the opportunity to enjoy at this year edition of the African Business Builders' Seminar is the opportunity to ask me (Steve) ANY business related questions.

I know so many people have been wanted to meet with me and to ask me questions after they have read my books and go through my business teachings.

I'm sorry, I'm very scarce because I have too many things doing.

There are too many things going on in my companies that make me so busy.

But now, you can meet with me, life and direct and ask me any questions about your own business or my own business.

Do you have ANY questions about your business you think I can help with my experience?

Have you started a business and need me to help you with marketing strategies?

Are you planning to start a business but you don't know how to go about it?

Let's meet at the 2018 A.B.B Seminar.

Do you have any questions about my businesses and you think making a clarification can help you?

I'll answer you, as best as I can.

The third reason why you must be at this year's African Business Builders' Seminar is because I'll be showing you how to make a lot of money in the business by KILLING competitions.


To be honest with you, you won't enjoy this seminar if you love job so don't bother to come.

To really enjoy the African Business Builders' Seminar, you must have a business you're building or you're planning to build a business.

Just as the name sounds (African Business Builders' Seminar), the seminar is strictly for Africans who are building or have interest in building businesses.

Where is the 2018 A.B.B Seminar Going to Take Place?

The venue of this year's A.B.B Seminar is Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria (the detailed address will only be sent to only people who show interest in coming).

When is The Business Builders' Seminar Going to Be?

This year's African Business Builders' Seminar is going to be on the Saturday, seventh of July, 2018 (7-7-2018).

The seminar is going to be all day (9am-7pm) because I really want to personally meet with everyone, so, if you're coming from another country/state, you may plan to sleep overnight in Lagos.

How Many People Can We Host in This Year's Edition of The African Business Builders' Seminar?

As at the time of writing this page, our followers who can receive our messages on Facebook are 91,756, not to talk of our website and YouTube Channel followers, plus, our E-mail followers.

With over 100,000 people who are likely to read this page, it's obvious that many people may be disappointed because we're planning this seminar for only 200 people (that's like 0.02% of our entire followers).

We're planning this seminar for 200 people because the seminar venue we're planning for is like this;

However, the good new is that, you can reserve your seat today, Sunday, May 26th 2019 and that will be an assurance that you'll be at the seminar.

Please Note;

If you don't reserve your seminar seat and get your seat code before all the seats are taken, you may have to wait till next year before you'll be able to attend a seminar of this kind.

How Much Does it Cost to Attend The African Business Builders' Seminar?

You have three options to choose from.

First is the V.I.P seat.

The second is the single seat.

And the third is double seat.

The V.I.P Seat


The V.I.P seat allows you to seat in the executive front seat of the seminar hall.

As a V.I.P, you're also recognized by our company as one of our seminar's sponsors.

The V.I.P seat is #50,000.

The Single Seat


With the single seat, you'll get a single seminar slot which is #9,997

This single seat allows only you to be in the seminar (you can't come with your wife or friend).

The Double Seat

With the double seat, you'll get two seminar slots which allows you to come to the seminar with one other person.

With the double seat, you can be in the seminar with your wife, husband, child or friend (two of you).

The two seat slots is  #13,000.

Special Bonus for The A.B.U Students

As A.B.U student, you have a FREE slot, if you pay for one slot.

This means, if you're coming to the seminar with your spouse or friend, as A.B.U student, you don't have to pay for double seat.

You'll only pay for a single seat (#9,997) while you get the other seat FREE.

What if you're coming alone?

Then, you'll get a special 30% discount (because you're an A.B.U student).

While nor A.B.U student pays #9,997 to be in the seminar, you'll pay only #7,000

But There's a Problem;

We're planning to give just 100 slots to the A.B.U students (since the entire slots is 200)

This is the Math.

We have 831 students at the A.B.U as at the time of writing this page.

The meaning is that, 731 of our students may not be able to use the opportunity of this special bonus (and we're very sorry for that).

But you can reserve your seat quickly, if you want to be among the 100 A.B.U students to benefit in th

How Can You Reserve Your Seat?

Though this year's African Business Builders's Seminar is going to be on 7-7-2018, if you wait till next month, you may not get a seat (because all of the seminar seats might have been taken) or you'll have to pay normal fee (without the benefit of being an A.B.U student).

The best thing to do is to reserve your seat TODAY.

Reserving your seat is very simple.

You can decide to pay straight away for your seminar seat or just fill a reservation form and pay ANY amount (so that you won't miss the seminar).

You can reserve your seat in two steps.

First, fill our seminar seat reservation form below.

Second, make a payment of ANY amount to reserve your seat.

For example, if you're reserving double seats, though you should pay for just a single seat at #9,997 and get the second seat for FREE, you may decide to reserve your seat now by filling the seat reservation form and pay ANY amount (even if it's #2,000) so that your two seats will be reserved for you.

You can easily balance up your seminar fee 4 or 3 weeks to the seminar.

Let's say you want to reserve a single seat, you can fill the form to reserve a single seat (below).

If you like, you can pay for the entire seminar fee now (just a token #7,000 @ 30% discount) or you just fill a seat reservation form (below) and reserve your seat with any amount, like #2,000 so that you won't miss out if all the seminar seats are taken.

Fill our seminar reservation form below and pay the seminar fee or ANY amount to reserve your seminar seat.

One of our staff will send you your seat code via your phone number or E-mail Address.

Your seminar seat code is what you'll take to the seminar venue to allow you an entrance to the seminar.

To Reserve Your Seat Before All Seminar Seats Will Be Taken, fill below form and pay ANY amount into our company's bank account

Click "Reserve My Seat" above to reserve your seat, then, pay all the seminar fee or ANY amount to any of our company's bank accounts;



Account name; Business Classroom Vision

Account Number;  02-3434-1505


 Zenith Bank

Account Name; Business Classroom Vision

Account Number101-483-1699


First Bank

Account Name; Business Classroom Vision

Account Number203-177-6798

After you fill the above seminar seat reservation form and pay the seminar fee or ANY amount to reserve your seminar seat, one of our staff will contact you to send you your seminar seat code.

This seat code is what you need to gain entrance to the seminar's venue on 7-7- 2018.

Pay Online to Reserve Your Seat Immediately

 If you want to register online, to pay the seminar fee and get your seat code today;

Pay for The V.I.P (#50,000) by clicking the red button below;


Pay for one seminar seat and get one for free (#9,997) by clicking the green button below;

Pay for a single seat and get 30% discount because you're A.B.U student (#7,000) by clicking the blue button below;

If you have any questions, kindly call 08106692798 or 09058252288 or send an e-mail to


Your Business Coach,

Steve O. Courage

For the Africa Business University.

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