We're Giving Away All Our Business Resources; To Help Just 100 Nigerians Have Better Financial Life in 2019

On February 28th 2018 myself and few other Nigerians were in a meeting with the Nigerian VP inside the Aso Villa.

Myself & Nigerian VP

Somewhere during the meeting The VP said something which went like, “You see, everywhere all over the world, it’s people (not the government) that create jobs”

I did not have problem with this statement because I’ve known that for about a decade, since when I was 20 something.

The problem I have is that, most Nigerians don’t know how "nacked" they are.

Every four years, certain people come up to tell my people sweet words and that make them to hope for a messiah once again.

Just two years after a new man gets to Aso Villa, they discover that their life isn't better in anyway, but a few months after then, they suddenly have hope again because some people have started telling them sweet words all over again.

Stop believing lies.

Listen to the truth I have to tell you;

Nobody can solve your financial problem, not your employer, parents or the guys at the Aso Villa.

Here is my personal story;

When I was 17, I decided that I was never going to expect either my parents, uncle, employer or any government to solve my financial problems so as an adult, I wasn’t expecting ANYTHING from anyone, except myself.

At 21, I ran away from school because I didn't want to be trained to work for another man all my life.

I started out in the business world on Thursday 24th of July, 2008 (more than a decade ago) even though I had only about #8,500 with me.

It wasn’t easy. I had to suffer and get a lot of rejections, but I never wanted to be a slave of anybody, so I never dream of being an employee.

Today, more than a decade after, I run three companies from Lagos; one international media company, an Agric Tech company and a business school.

Over the years, I’ve built businesses and made millions, yet, I still see many of my age mates complaining about unserious people who rule them and making excuses that that’s the reason why they are poor.

If you think the reason why you're poor is because the government is bad, you're wrong!

If you think the reason why you're poor is because the economy is bad, you're wrong!

If you think the reason why you're poor is because your employer doesn't pay you well, you're wrong!

I know the reason why most people are poor.

Most people are poor because they depend on other people to solve your financial problems.

They think they need someone to give them a job.

They think they need someone to increase their salary.

They think they need the guys at the state house to help them.


Nothing will change in your life except YOU are willing to change it.

Forget whatever anybody else tells you. I'm telling you the truth.

Nobody can solve your financial problem, except YOU.

Listen to me because I'm telling you the truth.

There are two things you need to become rich (These are two things I do to build my businesses).

The first thing you need is to learn how to build a business from the scratch and make it successful

(Over the years I've read from hundreds of books, watched hundreds of video trainings and listened to tens of audio programs about how to build business).

The second thing you need is to be willing to take actions and endure SEVERAL failures

(I don't just wish to be rich. I went out, took actions, failed for more than 7 years before I succeeded).

If you can't learn how to build business and take massive actions, I'm sorry, it doesn't matter what any politician tells you, you'll still be poor. 

How I Can Help You

Sorry, I can't help you with the second step (nobody can help you to take actions).

I can only help you with the first step by sharing with you my over one decade practical experience as a Nigerian entrepreneur. 

Now this is what I’ve decided to do to help just 100 Nigerians to prepare better for 2019;

I want to give away ALL of the helpful business resources I’ve created over the last 5 years.

My objective is to empower 100 Nigerians so that they will learn how to build their own businesses and stop being deceived by the guys at the Aso Villa.

We want this to go to just 100 Nigerians because we know most Nigerians would rather hope for a better jobs from Atiku than to take responsibility for their lives.

With my experience, I know only very few people want to change their financial life, others simply look around for who to blame.

If you’re among those few people, we have three different gift-packages for you. You can take one of them or take all of them.

2019 Gift-Package No.1;

Get all my business resources by paying for just one;

Over the last 5 years, I've written different books to help Nigerians understand different aspects of business building.

These books are;

1. How to discover lucrative business ideas in Nigeria (Original price #3,000

2.  How to get capital to finance your own business (Original price #2,000)

3.  9-Day Intensive Business Training (Original price #9,000)

4. How to be rich by using other people’s brains, energy and time (book) (Original price #3,000

5.  The Science of Getting Rich (Written by Wattle, reviewed by me). (Original price #2,500)

6. How to be rich by using other people’s brains, energy and time (audiobook). (Original price #9,000)

 The reason why I created the above business resources;  

Because I started out in the business world without knowing how to discover business opportunities, I had to waste many years making no progress, so after I understood how to discover business opportunities from my experience, I decided to write a book about it and titled it “How to Discover lucrative business opportunities in Nigeria”  

Because my parents are poor and I had nobody to give me capital when I was starting out, I had to figure out how to start a business, persuade people for their resources and get capital.

The more I tried the smarter I became, the more capital I was able to get.   After I’ve mastered how to get capital, I decided to write about it and that’s the above book titled “How to get capital to finance your business in Nigeria”  

I wrote the 9-day intensive business training to show you how to really build a business from the scratch to become a successful company in Nigeria.  

Last year I decided to reveal a huge hidden secret about wealth creation which is the fact that, you can NEVER be rich working with your two hands and one brain, never.

To be rich you must learn how to use other people’s brains, energy and time.

I wrote that book (How to be rich by using other people’s brains, energy and time) to help you become rich faster than you can ever imagine.  

The above 6 business resources can transform your financial life (If you're willing to take actions after reading them).

Those business resources should worth #50,000 for you but as a result of my 2019 "campaign" to help Nigerians by teaching them how to build their own business,

instead of fighting for minimum wages that cannot make them rich, we've decided to give you the first 5 business resources for FREE if you pay for the 6th one for just; #9,000

Meaning that you'll get all the life-changing business resources at the price of just one (#9,000)

2019 Gift-Package 2;

Get all our Agriculture videos $ books just by paying for one

Over the years, through my Agriculture Tech company, we have written different books and made different videos to use the experience of our associate farmers to help those who want to start successful Agriculture business in Nigeria

If you have a plan to start any Agric related business, you can get all the following videos and books just by paying for one of them;  

1.   How to start and make money from poultry farming in Nigeria (Book).  (Original price #3,000)

  2. How to start and make money from poultry farming in Nigeria (one video). (Original price #9,000)  

3.  How to start and make money from pig farming in Nigeria (Book). (Original price #3,000)   


4.  How to start and make money from pig farming in Nigeria (one video). (Original price #9,000)   


5. How to start and make money from fish farming in Nigeria (Book). (Original price #3,000)  

6. How to start and make money from snail farming in Nigeria (Book). (Original price #3,000)


7. How to start and make money from fish farming in Nigeria (3 videos). (Original price #9,000) 

If you’re interested in the above package, you’ll get all of the 7 for the price of just one

Instead of you to pay #39,000 for all the above resources, we’ll be given 100 Nigerians 6 of the materials for free while you pay for just one at only #9,000

2019 Gift-Package No. 3;

Get 6 months course at our prestigious African Business University by paying for just one month+

After going through the African Business University, one of our student (Mrs. Susan Adu) sent us a mail which reads;

African Business University is the best thing that can ever happen to anyone” __ Mrs. Susan Adun  

Read what others are saying about the A.B.U;

"African Business University is a time bomb. It's an eye opener, and is the best thing that has happen to me this recent time" __ Mr.Danjuma Markus  

"Africa Business University has taught me so many things ranging from discovering business opportunities, sales strategies, the concept and application of Leverage, and so much more. I got in with full anticipation that they will deliver on their promise to help me build my own company and they are doing just that" __Mr. Chris Ebere     

"The university has open my eyes to different kind of opportunities. Am happy to be a part of  the Africa business university"__Adeyemi Abbey    

"I am a Pastor. I have been preaching and teaching my people much about biblical prosperity. After years of preaching and teaching, only few people prospered. But I felt it in my spirit that my people need teaching about marketing and entrepreneurship. It was a divine arrangement that I got in contact with Steve O. Courage. From January this year I have received teachings from the A.B.U that have changed my life. Now I have started two businesses and am training my people to be entrepreneurs" __Pst. Simon Ganya.  

"A.B.U has made me a changed person. Once I came across A.B.U, I can't help thinking of looking for job again but set my goals on starting business of my own in which I've been making progress. No regret in knowing A.B.U"__ Mr. Abdulsamad Yekeen.  

The one month course at the African Business University is originally #24,000 and 6 months is originally #149,982 and on scholarship we gave out 6 months for #24,997

But because we hope we could change few more lives and help them to be financially independent instead of depending on the government which can’t solve anyone’s problem, we won’t mind giving away the admission to the A.B.U.

Instead of paying #149,982 for the six months course at the A.B.U, we’ll be giving the first 100 people an opportunity to go through the entire six month practical business course at the A.B.U just by paying for one month+ at only #9,000

This is ridiculous but we just have to do it.

I believe Nigerians should STOP expecting a government to give them job.

I believe my people should STOP being deceived by politicians who have no plan for them.

I believe everyone should be like me; learn about business, get out, take actions and endure failures on the way to build your own business.

It's hard but that's the only way to be rich, if you want to be rich in 2019.  

How to get one or all of our 2019 Gift-Packages

To get one or all of our 2019 Gift-Packages, order immediately online or pay into any of our company's bank accounts as below;



Account name; Business Classroom Vision

Account Number;  02-3434-1505


 Zenith Bank

Account Name; Business Classroom Vision

Account Number101-483-1699


First Bank

Account Name; Business Classroom Vision

Account Number203-177-6798

Gift-package No. 1 (all Steve's 6 business resources) = #9,000.

Gift-package No. 2 (all our Agric resources) = #9,000.

Gift-package No. 3. (Six months admission to the A.B.U) =9,000

All the 2019 gift-package (at additional discount) = 19,000

After payment, kindly send your names and email address to; 09062303838 and your materials will be sent to your e-mail address within 3-hours. 

Order One or All The Gift-Packages Online

 To order for 2019 Gift-package No 1 (All Steve's 6 business resources), click below red button;

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To order for 2019 Gift-package No 3 (Six months course at the A.B.U), click below red button;

To order for all the three 2019 Gift-package, click below green button;

If you pay online, you don't have to bother yourself. We'll see your transaction and send your packages within 3 hours or as fast as possible.

If you have any questions about our Gift-Packages, kindly call our customer care line; 09062303838.


Steve Courage


Refund Policy
If after going through any of the above materials and take actions according to what you learn and you think the material(s) don't worth your money, kindly contact us and your money will be 100% refunded.
The examples stated above are my personal experience. Please understand my results are not typical, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I was able to take proactive actions as I learn so we don't guarrantee anyone will get similar result because we don't know how bad anyone wants to change their lives.
The average person who learn how to change their lives gets little to no results because they'll either not act or give up too early. 

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