You Need a Job?

Having a job is not bad, if you can endure the pains of never having enough money, working hard to make your employer rich and dirty office politics.

Love Your Job?

What about the heart attack awaiting you if your employer ask you to leave his work tomorrow?

Your Future Plan?

How does it make sense to you, that you’ll work hard in another man’s company for 35 years and still retire poor?

About The A.B.U

Africa Business University is the creation of the BCV (a registered company in Nigeria). Our objective is simple; we think it’s stupid for the traditional universities to continue teaching people how to be employees when good job is nowhere to be found. Why should you work all your life for other people’s companies, if you could build your own company??? A.B.U is a 6-month practical business course that doesn’t affect your day-to-day life, because you can join the A.B.U from anywhere in the world and go to the university’s portal at your spare time Though A.B.U is a 6-month business course, A.B.U is so powerful that you can start building your own business tomorrow after taking the first course today

Free Admission to the A.B.U

Africa Business University has two students’ schemes. One is paid scheme and the other is scholarship scheme. We make money from the paid scheme and give 1,000 people free scholarship slots. Free slots are still available today Thursday, February 22nd 2018  

What You Need to Do Now

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 What Our Students Are Saying

“Stumbling into your website is the best thing that has ever happened to me in recent times”

Mr. Adeloju Oluwasegun

“I have started building my business with my team… by doing what I learned from your book”

Mr. Chike Ezeji

“Your Business Training has changed my life”

Mr Blessing Ojelade

I am short of words. I don’t know how to thank you people for giving me more courage to be on my own”

Mrs. Obiageli Azubuike